Take Me With You, Nudestix Nudies!

The travel-friendly Nudestix Nudies ($30 each, offered in 5 shades)
I don’t exactly how this happened, since it feels like I’ve been looking ahead to this trip forever, however I’m leaving for Hawaii in less than two weeks! — which implies that I most likely ought to begin packing best NOW.

It’s all about portable beauty, as well as I’m hell-bent on discovering multitasking makeup to bring that won’t take up a great deal of room, so as to have more space to bring house dashboard hula girls, macadamia nuts as well as the like.


Let’s make this a series! I’m gonna phone call it “Take Me With You,” as well as the very first entry is these new Nudestix Nudies. They were just recently added to the Nudestix long-term line.

Nudestix is a cruelty-free Canadian brand, as well as whatever in their line is available in a pencil or some type of stick packaging.

Yes, this makes them fantastic for travel.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Makeup in the palm of your hand
The Nudies are multipurpose creams for your cheeks, lids as well as lips. They’re $30 each as well as are available in five shades. One end has a cream stick, as well as the other end has a dense, soft clean to apply as well as blend the product.

I’ve tried two of them — awesome pink Bare Back (um…which I’m quite sure refers to something naughty) as well as rosy nude Naughty N’ Spice.

Bare Back on my cheeks as well as Naughty N’ flavor on the lower part of the apples of my cheeks. as well as that’s Kosas Undone Lipstick on my lips.

I like utilizing these as cream blushes since they last permanently as well as a day on my dry cheeks. Not to mention (although I’m discussing it now), they don’t push around whatever products I wear beneath them, like if I’m sporting a tinted moisturizer, BB cream and/or concealer. They likewise apply evenly as well as stay intact throughout the day.

See the brush?
When I utilize them as blushes, I tons up a finger by scrubing the cream stick a few times, then I dab that on my cheeks as well as blend either with my fingers or the clean on the other end of the stick. They quite much work the exact same method whichever one I use.

Bare Back (top) as well as Naughty N’ flavor (bottom)
Even though I barely ever do matching monochromatic eyeshadow as well as blush, since range (which I like to pronounce “var-eye-eh-TAY”) is the flavor of life, I completely do utilize these as eyeshadows, too.

That’s Naughty N’ flavor on the left as well as Bare Back on the right
And they’ll work as lipsticks in a pinch…but the mattes will catch on any type of lip flakes, so I’d get a lip balm up in there, either under or on top of them.

They’re perfect bit travel companions, as well as they’re waiting on your lovin’ accept on the internet as well as at Sephora stores best meow.

Fruit-infused water

OK, so this 18.6-oz. bottle doesn’t hold almost sufficient water to bring me for long (I drink A great deal of water, or at least I try to), however this new doohickey is so much fun, so I’ve been utilizing it anyway. It’s a tea infuser by Grosche.

The infuser is developed into the bottom of the bottle. Technically, it’s developed for loose tea, however chopped fruit, herbs as well as whatnot in shape in there just fine. Today I made a strawberry as well as blackberry combo.


The bottle’s adorable as well as completely works, however I just desire it was about three times bigger!

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