Go big With Kerastase Mousse Bouffante

Kerastase Mousse Bouffante
First question I have: what’s a bouffante?

I looked it up.


According to wikipedia, it’s from the present participle of bouffer: “to puff, puff out.”

It’s where we also get the word, “bouffant.”

Second question I have: why bother with a hairdryer when mother Nature’s hairdryer, also known as the heatwave we’re having pretty much throughout California ideal now, works perfectly fine, and also happens to be completely free?


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

After showering this morning I worked Kerastase Mousse Bouffante into my damp, wavy hair, starting at the ends and making my way down to the roots.

Compared to other Kerastase hair styling products I’ve tried, this one smells pretty tame, which I like. There’s just a faint jasmine scent.

Kerastase Mousse Bouffante
Designed to embiggen hair (I know that’s not a real word… I just really wanted to use it. ) and supply structure without weight, so it gives me the volume I crave. I’m using it get myself time before my next haircut in about three weeks (my mop has been pretty heavy and kind of flat).

I apply it to my hair when it’s damp, and you can either blow dry or air dry. considering that it’s been — to quote Nelly — hot in hurr, I’ve been air drying lately. I normally sit in my oven… I indicated “office” upstairs, and wait.

In a couple of hours, my waves look defined, with a lot a lot more volume. It’s a little a lot more structured look, and not as beachy or heavy as I get when I use my holy grail waves product, Kerastase Spray a Porter, but I like the results.

It’s as if Spray a porter put on her service suit and stepped into the corner office, LOL!

I haven’t tried blowing out my hair with Mousse Bouffante yet, but I’m pretty confident that I could get some killer volume overall because it’s so lightweight.

Kinda pricey at $36 a bottle…but if you’re a Kerastase fan, you might want to give it a whirl.

You can find it now at beauty parlors and online at kerastase-usa.com.

Váš přátelský sousedství odvolání závislý,



P.S. Off to go enjoy Godzilla with El Hub! I promised him I’d go, even though I know pretty much how it’s going to end.

You know — kids and monsters. They go together like husky tabbies and gravy.

Have a great night!