In What methods Are You a appeal Snob?

as well as by “beauty snob,” I mean, with what products as well as services do you firmly insist on only going high end?

I like to believe I’m quite available to discovering as well as loving appeal products, regardless of whether they’re drugstore or high end (and you gotta try whatever once), however I dunno… I believe I may be a appeal snob in a few ways.


But one thing I’m absolutely not snobby about, although I type of utilized to be back in the day, is foundation.

VOLE. There was a time when I’d only utilize department store/high-end foundations as well as concealers, mainly since of exactly how difficult it was to discover budget plan products with a large variety of shades in my skin tone vicinity, however that’s altered za posledních pár let. a few of the huge drugstore foundations lines have truly stepped up their game, as well as now there are great deals of fantastic choices as well as shade options at the drugstore level that are just as good, if not better, than the pricier products on counters.

L’Oreal true match Lumi healthy luminous makeup pertains to mind. It’s only $13, as well as in terms of coverage, structure as well as shade range, it’s SO GOOD. If I didn’t understand it was drugstore, I’d assumption it was in the $30 range.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Oh, as well as perfumes? I absolutely have appeal snobbery tendencies in that area. I like using Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Tocca as well as rather a few other high-end scents.

Not as a general rule, however I dunno… I’ve sniffed a great deal of drugstore scents, as well as I always try to keep an open mind, however a lot of of them are as well wonderful for my taste, or they just don’t play well with my body chemistry. Plus, often fragrances are just one of those things on which I like to splurge. A stunning bottle of a fantastic perfume is such a great treat.

Aaand I believe I’m likewise a bit snobby about my shampoos as well as conditioners, however that’s partly since of a traumatic occurrence in the ’90s when I was a college student. I went with a phase when I only gotten extremely inexpensive shampoos as well as conditioners to save a few bucks, however after a few months, that, coupled with aggressive strike drying, darned near destroyed my hair. It was dry as well as stripped so terribly that it appeared like fried noodles.

No, really, it appeared like crispy fried noodles.

A hairdresser who worked at the school hair beauty parlor (yes, we had one on campus) cut off the fried bits as well as lectured me about the difference between great as well as poor products. bit did she understand when she handed me a few samples of Biolage shampoo as well as conditioner that she’d just produced a monster…

I do have to say, though, that like drugstore foundations as well as other deal with makeup, drugstore shampoos as well as conditioners have come a long way. now there are great deals of great ones available in silicone-free as well as sulfate-free formulas, which is great! I’ve discovered some that I truly like (Clairol Herbel Essences, indeed To, L’Oreal…)

Co o tobě? In what methods are you a appeal snob?

Vaše přátelské společenství odvolání závislý,



P.S. Hello, my friend, as well as great morning to you! How’s it going over there? things are going okay right here in preggers-ville (I’m 36 weeks now), however I can’t lie — it’s getting difficult. I feel like a stuffed sausage.

I most likely won’t be publishing extremely frequently over the next few days this week as I take care of some things (and since I don’t have as much energy as usual), however I’ll be around.