If the Characters From The walking Dead Were MAC Lipsticks…

welcome to Terminus!
Four a lot more days and zombie-filled nights until The walking Dead season 4 finale, whoop-whoop!

We’ll see if I get any sleep…


I’m having another bout of insomnia, which, on the one hand, is a pain because — hello, dark circles! — but on the other hand, it’s kind of rad, because I’m normally up at the witching hour pondering pressing questions of great value like, “If the characters from The walking Dead were MAC Lipsticks, which ones would they be?”

Here are my picks for my favorite characters on the show.

Daryl Dixon — lady Danger, a reddish coral

Lady danger Lipstick
I seriously cannot imagine Daryl’s character being anything other than this edgy reddish coral. like lady Danger, he may keep you at arm’s length (the distance of a crossbow bolt perhaps?) until he gets to know you better.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

But stick around, because once he lets you into his life, he’ll always have your back.

Also like Daryl, dressed up or dressed down, lady danger always looks hot.

Rick Grimes — Crosswires, an orangey pink

Crosswires Lipstick
I think of Rick as the everyman character, an ordinary person thrust into amazing circumstances.

For a long time, he serves as the group’s de-facto leader, shouldering the problem of keeping everyone alive and making the hard decisions.

I absolutely see him as Crosswires.

Rick’s a survivor, a man who tries to do the ideal thing, even when the ideal thing isn’t always clear.

Glenn Rhee — brave Red, a warmish red

Brave Red Lipstick

Quiet, and yet a thousand times stronger than he appears, Glenn is unrelentingly kind and nice. I think he would be an remarkable friend (both in the zombie apocalypse world and here), and he would never leave you behind.

Glenn is MAC brave Red. Unassuming, never overbearing and always guided by hope, even in such a cray-cray world.

When the sh*t hits the fan, you can count on him to do the ideal thing.

Maggie Greene — Moxie, a bluish pink

Moxie Lipstick
I think Maggie would also be a great friend. In my mind, Maggie Greene and I are BFFs. like her hubby Glenn, she’s compassionate and kind. At the same time, she’s also very opinionated and hard as nails.

Girl can take down some walkers, let me tell you!

Maggie, meet Moxie. Já vím, já vím! — it’s not permanent. but it does pop up in limited edition collections from time to time (most recently in MAC Antonio Lopez).

For something similar you could wear now, try MAC’s girl about town or Impassioned.

Michonne — Violetta, a bright violet purple

Violetta Lipstick
Bojovník. Matka. Katana expert. All around bad-a$$ mofo.

I think Violetta fits her perfectly.

As we’ve seen in season 4, Michonne has LAYERS, man. She may not be all warm and fuzzy the first time you meet her — odds are she’ll barely utter a word to you for weeks — but give it time, my friend, give it time.


Once you’re in with Michonne, you’ll have a powerful ally and a true friend for life.

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