5 things I’ve Been Loving Lately

Pink lemonade as well as chocolate-chip cookies

Pink lemonade as well as chocolate-chip cookies! Hello, my new preferred snack.

El Hub believes I’m a bit nuts to like this combo as much as I do since for him, it’s all about milk as well as cookies (for dunking), however the pink lemonade combo is completely working for me.


Not to dunk though. I don’t dunk the cookies in the lemonade. I just like to have them together. I like the contrasting taste of the tart lemonade (ha! I practically composed “Tarte lemonade”) with the sweetness of the cookies.

Ach! — as well as lemonade has to be chilly as well as pink. Don’t ask me why; it just does.

I truly like Trader Joe’s Low-Calorie Pink Lemonade Made With organic Lemon Juice… As usual, TJ’s gets it right.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Kerastase Spray Fluidissime…for unruly bangs!

So I’ve had this bottle of Kerastase Spray Fluidissime ($42 for a 5.1 fl-oz. bottle) for a while, as well as it’s essentially an anti-frizz, thermal-protecting, shine-boosting spray that you spray on wet hair, as well as then either air or strike dry.

I mainly just utilized it on long sections of my hair from about mid-length down to the ends, where it does a excellent job, however for reasons unknown, it never occurred to me to try it on my bangs…

Until the other day.

Wow, it works great! It tames my mischievous, frizzy side-swept bangs, which have gotten long as well as rebellious lately since I’m method overdue for a trim.

This spray completely tames their inner beast. I just spray a few spritzes on my bangs while they’re wet, then dry with a clean as well as a hair dryer.

It makes my hair smooth, silky as well as well-behaved, as well as it holds the side-swept shape perfectly.

I liked this spray before…BUT now I LURVE IT.

This “K” mug from HomeGoods

First things first, I requirement to stop going to HomeGoods…

Because each time I walk in there, I walk out with one more mug, as well as I am the LAST person in the world who needs one more mug.

Let me put it this way: there are only two unfortunate glasses in my kitchen area cupboard (because El Hub, who works part time as a bull in a china shop, broke the rest) as well as about 20 mugs.

This one is my new favorite. I got it to replace the Anthropologie mug I utilized to have that had the letter “K” on it because, surprise! — El Hub broke it.

This one is by signature Housewares, as well as it was just $4. It’s huge as well as deep, as well as I like that it doesn’t get molten hot when I warm something up in the microwave.

I will delight in the time we have together up until El Hub breaks it…which ought to occur a long time within the next few weeks.

Sephora neat Detangling Comb

This $8 hot pink detangling comb has seen a great deal of utilize because the Sephora haul I did a while back.

I like this dang thing. I utilize it in the shower at night to work conditioner with my hair, as well as then utilize it once again the next morning to detangle. It gets out all the knots without messing up my waves, as well as it feels effing amazing on my scalp. It doesn’t feel pokey at all. just really, truly good.

The “Sephora” label on it is already starting to fade, however it sure as heck doesn’t hurt the comb. This is the very best $8 I’ve spent there in a while.

Live like Pop Truffle Salt Popcorn

I may or may not have eaten half of this bag of online like Pop Truffle Salt Popcorn ($4.25) because I opened it a few days ago.

JEJDA! I just tripped as well as they all fell into my mouth…

They aren’t very salty, oily, buttery or flavored, however there is a hint of truffle (I assumption that’s what it is). Anyway, they’re just good, as well as only 35 calories per cup!

Yup, they were one more HomeGoods find.


Your turn, my friend. What are a few things you’ve been loving lately? any type of classification is fair game — noms, makeup, hair clips, accessories, composing pens, patterned socks, cooking appliances, noms…

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