Saturday Surfing, April 6th, 2019

If your present preferred lipstick fell into the toilet, would you fish it out as well as keep utilizing it? ASKING FOR A FRIEND.

Oh, girlfriend. I had MAC velvet Teddy, a tube in the LE packaging that matches the color inside, which for some reason provides me so much joy… Anyway, I had it in my back pocket yesterday as well as sorta failed to remember about it. I was rushing around right before going to go pick up Coywolf from preschool. went to the bathroom, as well as right before I was about to leave, pulled down my stretchy mom jeans, as well as next thing you understand I hear a PLOP!


First thing I believe is, “Holy sh*t, my phone!” Was not my phone, say thanks to goodness. It was my tube of MAC velvet Teddy, which I love, love, love, love, like so much.

I fished it out as well as set it on my desk to dry, as well as now I don’t understand what to do with it!

So, the toilet was um…”not used,” so the water was fresh, as well as it’s my toilet, so I may utilize the lipstick again? Nevím. I’m still extremely grossed out by this. It would be a totally different story if it had been a public toilet, alright? as well as if there had been some type of “action” (ha ha) in it. however it was my toilet, as well as nothing was in there, as well as I dunno… I’m still freaked out by this.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Let me likewise say, though, that I have an irrational fear of things like my toothbrush, my phone as well as other random things falling in the toilet. Nevím…

Would you still utilize a lipstick that fell in your toilet? Dej mi vědět.

This likewise makes me believe of a story… I can’t keep in mind where I heard it, however it includes poop in soup.

Počkejte! – nech mě to vysvětlit. If there were a massive, wine barrel-sized vat of soup, as well as you were STARVING, however you likewise understood there was just a small bit bit of poop in there (let me clear up — IT’S NOT YOUR POOP. IT’S A STRANGER’S POOP!), would you still eat the soup understanding that there was a minuscule amount of poop in it?

I totally couldn’t. as well as I feel that way, kind of, about this lipstick now.

Granted, I have a backup on hand since that’s exactly how much I like velvet Teddy, so I busted it out today, as well as now that’s what I’m utilizing instead. however it’s not the elegant packaging, ahhh!

On that note, on to today’s reading!

MAC is releasing a new line of nude lipsticks as well as glosses called strip Down that are supposed to work for all skin tones, including the darkest of damsels.

Your everyday dose o’ science history is of the life as well as times of Hedwig Kohn, a German-American physicist who was one of only three women physics professors at the university level in Germany before world war II. She was required to leave during the Nazi regime because of her Jewish heritage.

Let’s hop into the hot tub time machine to revisit early 2000s makeup, just for kicks, yeah?

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Here’s a partnership I didn’t expect: Sunday Riley skin care is teaming up with United Airlines.

Does having your own personalized shampoo made just for you make any type of difference in your hair?

Best quote I’ve checked out all week: “If you’re going to hang around somebody all day, you may also make sure they odor amazing, too.”

Even though they act like they don’t, cats can acknowledge their own name, according to this new study.

The science of the meow!

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So it’s raining right here in NorCal again, as well as I believed I was gonna take the infant out to go play at a park, however now I have to discover some innovative methods to wear her out indoors. great luck to me! I believe we may have to get Tabs involved… perhaps hide as well as Go Seek. Connor tells him to go hide behind the couch, as well as he’s like, “WHA?”


I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day. brzy na slyšenou!

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