Checking In: Sales at Ulta, Snail Skin Care, Sunscreen and More!

Aloha, amiga! We’re back from Hawaii. Today was the first day I haven’t been surrounded by my family in nearly two weeks, and ya know…’twas a little weird. maybe even a little lonely.

So, naturally, the first place I went for emotional comfort was Ulta. ?


Girl, I know you do the same thing. ? Some days it’s just great to browse and be out around other appeal lovers.

Some good sales going on ideal now, like this one on sun Bum, one of my favorite sunscreens at the moment. The entire line is get one, get one for 40% off. I was sorely tempted to get backup bottles of my favorite SPF 70 lotion and spray, but I’m well-stocked up at the moment, so I passed.

By the way, I used both the sun Bum 70 lotion and spray in Hawaii all last week, and they rocked once again. I normally tan merely by walking to/from my car to the house on a sunny day, but I barely picked up any color on this trip, which never happens, ever.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I’m really, really delighted with this line. If you decide to try it, absolutely wait for a sale, because it seems to go on sale a lot, at least at Ulta.

Neutrogena skin and sun care items are also on sale (also get one, get one 40% off). If you like swiftly absorbing sunscreens that don’t leave a behind a sticky film, undetectable defense lotion SPF 60+ is the way to go. absolutely worth getting two bottles.

Interestingly…while I was browsing, I also ran into a new-to-me brand called Peach Slices with three products called Snail Rescue…

Yes, each item consists of 95% snail concentrate. ? Um…gross, and wow?

It caught my eye because, I mean, Snail Rescue? Also, while we were in Hawaii, I saw this ginormous snail on one of my morning walks.

That’s my slipper next to it for scale, and I wear a size 7, so it was a fairly massive snail. Šílený!

I’ve never used any skin care products with snail ingredients in them (that sounds so weird)… I like to keep an open mind, but I don’t know if I’ll “go there,” especially not while that gigantic Hawaiian snail I saw on the side of the road is still fresh in my mind.

I mean, it was nearly as big as my foot! ?

Also on the walk with the snail sighting, I ran into another interesting item — a patrol car celebrating the female rear end.

Say hey there to The Booty Patrol Car. Side note: Hawaii has the weirdest cars, man.

It has a siren on it and everything!

Goodness gracious, I have so lots of questions… first of all, who is the driver, and do they ever turn on the siren? assuming they do, is it only used when they spot “booties of note” passing them by? Also, when they turn on the siren, what exactly do they expect to happen? because if I had a big, juicy butt, I would NOT get into a car marked “Booty Patrol.” V ŽÁDNÉM PŘÍPADĚ. ?

Everything about this car cracks me up, but the oversized peach stickers are particularly amusing to me.

Oh, and speaking of peaches, I’m deeply interested by this Peach Pudding makeup Cleanser, which is also from the same brand that makes the snail stuff.

I may have to get it eventually just to touch it.

Additional sales of note: there’s a complimentary two-piece gift with any $28 Briogeo purchase (I highly recommend the Don’t Despair repair Deep Conditioning Mask because it deeply moisturizes without weighing strands down), and real techniques is BOGO at 50% off (I gotten the brush set years ago and still use and love it).


When you get a chance, please pop in and say hi. I’d love to hear from you. let me know how you’re doing.

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