Makeup as well as appeal blog Monday Poll, Vol. 348

The makeup as well as appeal blog Monday Poll for November 24, 2014
You may be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Well, it isn’t precisely a poll. It’s a lot more of a regularly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random listing of concerns I’ve been putting out to visitors every Monday morning for the past seven years. (It’s like a kickstart for your brain.) I’ve always took pleasure in reading your answers in the comments, as well as I hope you take pleasure in reading mine.

Ponytail, braid or bun?
Ponytail if I’m working out, braid if I’m chilling around the house, sock bun if I’m out as well as about.

You understood I couldn’t just pick one.

Tell me about the worst date you ever went on.
Ew! Eighth grade, when my very first partner — let’s just phone call him “Bob” — showed up at my home with a posse of friends, as well as they were all on bikes.

I assumption they didn’t believe that he really got a woman to say, “Yes, Bob, I will go out on a date with you.”

I believe we went to Taco Bell after that… just me, Bob as well as his homeboys.

Pretty dumb.

Shimmery shadows in the crease — your thoughts?
I’m a lot more into mattes in the crease, however I won’t state no to a great shimmer…even though they get a bit harder to wear as I get older.

While we’re at it, let’s just throw some shine in there too, ya know? Proč ne?

I like to put mattes in my crease since my crease isn’t naturally extremely deep, as well as so mattes, which you can utilize to make parts of your deal with look a lot more recessed, makes my crease appear deeper.

Cool toned or warm toned?
Warm toned. I’m an NC42 in MAC (lately I’ve been loving LM’s perfect Fluide in Chai), however I likewise wear cool-toned shadows a lot. My skin tone is warm, however I wear both warm as well as cool-toned colors, which I believe goes back to the whole “mattes in the crease” thing. Cool-toned browns, particularly those grayish browns, truly make my crease look deeper.

A location you’d like to see once again as well as why?
Oahu in Hawaii, since when El Hub’s parents lived there (he was born as well as increased in Hawaii), we were going at least when or twice a year to visit, however now that they online on the mainland, we seldom go back.

I miss my old haunts, like Matsumoto’s shave Ice, which I hear they’ve totally changed, as well as Haleiwa on the North Shore, as well as Turtle Bay Resort, which is where we got married.


Tvůj tah. just copy as well as paste the complying with concerns into a comment with your answers. I look ahead to reading ’em!

1. Ponytail, braid or bun?
2. tell me about the worst date you ever went on.
3. Shimmery shadows in the crease — your thoughts?
4. great toned or warm toned?
5. A location you’d like to see once again as well as why?


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Let’s just hurry these very first three days of the week along so we can get to the food quicker on Thursday.

I’m not truly into the turkey, though… I’m a lot more about the sides, as well as the dessert. I gotta have my pecan pie, man. It’s my thang!


El Hub as well as I were believing about skipping turkey this year as well as having a crab-fest instead, since it’s crab season out here, which leads me to this question: exactly how would crab taste dipped in gravy? Something tells me it may taste good.

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