Zoya Meadow

I received this from the beautiful polished and inspired when we met up in May! thank you again for this polish, it’s so “me”!

With the summer days winding down, I thought this was a good sunny shade to wear before the heat died down!

I’m a fan of how Zoya describes each of their nail polish shades and even offers conventional information for each:

Meadow by Zoya can be best described as a frosty, golden peach with a copper flash. This golden, flesh-toned shade is a ideal sparkling nude for warm skin tones!
Color family – Nude
Finish – Metallic
Intensity – 4 ( 1 = sheer – 5 = opaque )
Tone – Warm

This is very valuable especially for people ordering online. I wish all nail polish companies did this!

I’d say Zoy’a description is pretty accurate, although I would say the copper flash isn’t just an intermittent thing – it appears quite strongly whatsoever angles / lighting conditions.

I was concerned about streaks due to the frosty nature of the polish and the first coat was streak-city:

But it pretty much smoothed out in the second coat, phew:

The polish applied flawlessly and dried very quickly.

If you Google this polish, there are photos online where the polish looks practically pink-toned – for me, this polish leans much much more golden peached toned and in some lights, I feel it’s practically straight-up coral. To je tak hezké!

Here’s what it looks like after a full week of wear:

It looks ok if you don’t examine too closely. Sadly, this polish does chip similar to my experiences with Zoyas before – I used my typical Orly Bonder as base and Poshe as top coat. There were visible chipping / peeling on my left middle finger, and my best thumb:

The chipping occurred on day 5 so it wasn’t terrible.   Overall, I’ve discovered that Zoya polishes seem to not wear as long for me and shows suggestion wear much faster.

Here’s this week’s random object shot:

Gorilla Glue! I happened upon this in our “crap drawer” which was a goldmine for all things random. I don’t recall purchasing the Gorilla glue or if we ever used it but we have it for “just in case!”

I’m sure every household has a drawer like this where random batteries, membership cards, paperclips etc go to live. tell me what you have in your crap drawer!

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