These Neutrals Are Flexible: Meditations on makeup With the $36 as well dealt with natural Eyes combination

using the new as well dealt with natural Eyes Neutral Eyeshadow Collection ($36), offered now at as well dealt with counters as well as
Vítejte! come on in, everyone! I’m so pleased to see your beautiful faces this evening. Don’t be shy; we’re all good friends here. just go ahead as well as get a area on the floor — you know, stake your insurance claim — as well as roll out your yoga mat. We’ll get going in a minute.

Tabs the cat: kitty supermodel, entrepreneur, yoga practitioner
For those of you new to the makeup meditation series right here at Tabs the feline yoga center (tagline: “You won’t discover any type of downward dogs here”), don’t be nervous. This class is for all skill levels. I promise, you’ll do fine.


OK, let’s get started…

First, I want you to peaceful your mind…



Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Now let’s get into a cross-legged position, as well as location today’s makeup meditation totem, the new as well dealt with natural Eyes Neutral Eye shadow Collection Palette, in front of you on the floor.

Soustředit se…
Take a deeeeeeeep breath in, now exhale slowly. OMMMMMMMM…


Extend your arms out to your sides — hold it, hold it, hold it. now slowly reach forward, taking your natural Eyes combination up in your hands, as well as open it. repair your look upon the nine pans of powder eyeshadow inside.

Let a sense of calm laundry over you, as well as focus your every believed on its mix of matte as well as shimmery finishes.


Notice the beige, brown, taupe, gold as well as peach shades. See exactly how they’re laid out horizontally for day, traditional as well as fashion looks?

Natural Eyes Neutral Eye shadow Collection, $36

Take one more deep breath, as well as as you exhale slowly, open your makeup-loving third eye, as well as imagine the unlimited number of neutral looks you’ll be able to do. enable your mind to transcend to a higher makeup mental plane. think about that all nine of these shadows pack potent pigments while exhibiting an infinitesimal amount of fallout.

Picture yourself contouring as well as lining your eyes with the matte shades (beige Heaven, grayish brown Cashmere Bunny, dark brown Sexpresso as well as golden brown Nudie).

Now, see the shimmery shades (peachy beige Silk Teddy, golden tan Push-Up, dark brown Erotica, golden Honey Pot as well as reddish brown chocolate Martini) glimmering on your lids…

Can you see the glitter?

To je dobré. There’s just sufficient to make a statement, however not so much that you couldn’t wear the combination to the office.

Natural Eyes Swatches from the left: Heaven, Cashmere Bunny as well as Sexspresso
Too dealt with natural Eyes swatches from the left: Silk Teddy, Push-Up as well as Erotica
Swatches from the left: Nude, Honey Pot as well as chocolate Martini
Let’s pause right here for a moment. Nádech výdech. Nádech výdech…


Further meditations on the new as well dealt with natural Eye Palette

An update on the original natural Eye Collection Palette, this trades the cardboard packaging for a sturdier travel-friendly tin.
Too dealt with likewise swapped out three of the old shades (matte light grayish brown velvet Revolver, shimmery peach nude beach as well as shimmery golden brown Cocoa Puff) for three new ones (dark matte gray brown Cashmere Bunny, matte golden brown nude as well as shimmery golden reddish brown chocolate Martini), which I feel are much more useful for everyday wear.

Although the O.G. set was already wearable, I believe this new one’s even much more so. The shadows cling to lids like feline Woman’s costume clings to her curves, meow! Plus, the addition of Nude, the additional matte shade, opens up the combination to a larger audience of neutral lovers, ’cause let’s deal with it — not everyone’s gonna want to wear shimmers 24/7.

If you discover metropolitan Decay’s naked combination intriguing, yet intimidating, this might be a excellent alternative. having the shadows pre-arranged by look takes the guesswork (and thought) out of selecting complementary shades that work well together.

V pořádku! That just about does it for today’s class. say thanks to you so much for attending. You did a excellent job. I hope you were able to unwind for a while as well as unwind.

That’s as well dealt with full Bloom blush in ideal Pink on my cheeks as well as as well dealt with La Creme blush in Honey Bear on my lips


If you can stick around for a minute, get one of the freshly juiced catnip turf shots in the lobby!

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