BECCA rich Lip Colour Balm for Build-Able rich Browns as well as Burgundies

The BECCA rich Lip Colour Balms ($22 each, offered now at Ulta)
Reading the names of the colors for the new BECCA Lip Colour Balms is like reading the menu at a hip community coffee shop.

There’s a Chai Crème, a Cherry Ganache, Café au Lait, Almond Fraise as well as a few others…YUM! “Yeah, can I please get a medium Toasted Hazelnut with 2% as well as no foam?”


Never been a fan of the foam…

Which reminds me, I discovered the very best coffee drink on world earth about a month ago. issue is, it was two hours away, GAHHHH! however more on that in a few.

Look as well as feel like the Chanel Rouge Cocos

The BECCA rich Lip Colour Balms are Ulta exclusives offered now for $22 in the long-term line. They’re incredibly lightweight, hella hydrating, extremely pigmented nude lip balms that won’t last long on your lips. I get about two hours at the most.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

There are eight sheer shades, as well as you can develop them as much as medium coverage. For me they autumn smack dab in the “shiny however not as well shiny” category, a la the Chanel Rouge Cocos.

Nudes for all skin tones

I like that there are some rich browns as well as burgundies among them (good nude choices for deeper skin tones), so they aren’t all just basic pale pinks as well as beige. BECCA has always been fantastic about including shades for a wide variety of skin tones, as well as they’re keeping it up here.

But do they taste like coffee?

I expected they may based on the shade names (which would be SO next level!), however alas, they don’t.

They taste a bit like vanilla. Možná. If I close my eyes as well as believe about it, LOL!

Chai Creme, the one closest to my natural lip color, has been chillin’ in my handbag for the past two weeks, except when it isn’t since I’ve swapped it out for Ginger Vanille or cafe Milk Chocolate. I dig that I can slick any type of of them on my lips without needing a mirror.

I’m diggin’ these darker nudes

They’re low-maintenance, as well as you can still dial up the intensity by adding an additional layer or two. suggested if you like moisturizing lip colors however decline to offer with drama!

Cherry Grande
Black Violet

Toasted Hazelnut
Chai Crème
Café Au Lait
Almond Fraise
Ginger Vanille
Mléčná čokoláda
$22 BECCA rich Lip Colour Balm
The Almond Mocha, likewise understood as “The finest Damn Coffee drink I’ve ever had in My Life”

I discovered it at Hannah Coffee & Sweets, a adorable bit separately had coffee shop in San Jose, as well as I’ve been lured to drive the two hours down there to get one more one every single day since I had it!

Have you ever had almond roca candy, like the kind in the pink tin? Toffee dipped in chocolate as well as crushed almonds? In high school, my buddy Jen as well as I went with a phase when we were obsessively eating everything the time, even for breakfast (OMG!).

Anyway, the drink tastes like somebody melted a handful of almond rocas into the smoothest, strongest coffee imaginable, then three in pieces of dark chocolate.

UGH, I almost cried. Bylo to tak dobré!

And not only was it freakin’ delicious, however it likewise kept me buzzing for hours. I had my drink at noon, as well as I was still on freakin’ terminate in HIIT class at 6.

Next time you’re in the South Bay, PLEASE go get one so I can online vicariously with you!

Vaše přátelská společenství krása závislý,


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