The restricted edition Charlotte Tilbury bigger Brighter Eyes Palette, as well as a new CC cream From It Cosmetics

I’m using the restricted edition Charlotte Tilbury bigger Brighter Eyes combination ($53)
What does a makeup-lovin’ woman do when she wishes to “play up” her peepers, however she only has minutes to pull herself together for a Sunday funday satisfying with a charm brand? (Side note: The brand was It Cosmetics! much more on this in a second…)

Shockingly, this specific time crunch was not because of my typical lollygagging.


Vím! Instead, it was because of my oldest kid (the cat), who chose that my youngest kid (the toddler), didn’t requirement to eat her plate of scrambled eggs for breakfast…

Let’s just state that a series of swift feline paw swats led to scrambled eggs on the floor, which led to silky scrambled eggs ending up in one husky tabby’s tummy. as for the rest of the eggs, well, they ended up in his partner in crime’s small (but surprisingly powerful) young child hands, as well as that resulted in scrambled eggs strewn about the living space like confetti in Time’s Square on new Year’s.

All of this in the span of 60 seconds… How? No, seriously, HOW?!


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Needless to say, I was officially running laaaaate.

Charlotte Tilbury bigger Brighter Eyes combination ($53)

With my makeup window whittled down to 10 minutes, I grabbed the Charlotte Tilbury Transformeyes Palette, since you understand the old stating — when it doubt, buff an costly gold as well as brown eyeshadow out.

OK, I just completely made that up. however it’s an precise method to explain what I finish with this combination for some daily low-key glam.

Yup, still an NC42 besides these years.

What it is: A limited-edition filter combination to morph your eyes into the biggest, brightest, many sparkling eyes ever.

What it does: influenced by the sparkling, eye-widening filters of social media, this combination is color-curated as well as coded to make your eyes look instantaneously bigger as well as brighter, in addition to putting what Charlotte famously phone calls the lights-into-the-eyes. Charlotte has de-codified that application into an simple Prime, Enlarge, define as well as Pop sequence, with each micro-finely pigmented shadow color-formulated to provide the optical illusion of widening, brightening as well as playing with the light in particular areas after application.

How to use: apply the Prime color, a warm, eye-brightening hue, to the inner corners of the eyes to provide the impact of expanding the whole eye area. apply the Enlarge shade to lightly contour as well as provide a lifting impact to the socket; it can be developed up or washed across the eye lightly. define with a universal shade that adds immediate meaning to the lashline as well as makes eyes look brighter. Then, apply Pop in targeted areas to widen as well as brighten eyes throughout the day.


Pristine, untouched as well as fabulous

What I ended up doing that morning was what I typically perform in times like these. I dipped a tapered eye clean back as well as forth between the darkest great matte brown (the pan on the lower right) as well as the lightest beige (on the upper left), as well as buffed the mix on my lids. then I lined with Chanel mat Taupe as well as packed up my lashes with Mally Smoky mom (a.k.a manna from the heavens). It’s soft as well as subtle smoke.

On top of my reliable MAC primer, as well as I’m great for the day.

Charlotte Tilbury Transformeyes
And since it’s Charlotte Tilbury we’re speaking about (a.k.a elegant sh*t), high-end virtually oozes out of each as well as every finely milled grain of powder. It’s extremely Tom Ford. just be sure to tap off your clean first, please, to prevent the after effects (although there isn’t much), particularly if you’re going all whoo-hoo-hoo with the shimmers.

You’ll be lured to glow there when you see exactly how the shimmery beige as well as gold glisten without settling into your fine lines as well much. just so, so great for that dewy, doe-eyed effect.

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Adventures with IT

I drove into the city last Sunday to hang with IT Cosmetics as well as discover out about their new Oil-Free Matte formula, which comes out at the end of this month as well as will be offered at Sephora as well as the IT Cosmetics website. one of the women was using it, as well as her skin looked AH-MAY-ZING.

(Yeah, Alexia, I’m talkin’ about you!)


I’m believing that this will be fun for product cocktail-ing, as well as it might be wonderful with a few drops of MAC Strobe. I’ll be testing it soon. Fingers crossed that it’s as great as it looks!

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